words to LIVE by

i remember in high school, my friend becky printed out inspirational quotes & hung them all over her dorm room. one of my favorite senior rites was each senior submitting a quote to be printed by their picture in the year book. over the centuries, many wise & witty people have left us words worth remembering. words that, when taken to heart & put into action, can profoundly influence our lives. and as a student of life, i think it is appropriate to share these wise words & witticisms on occasion [& perhaps to share lessons learned from putting them into practice].

i love this quote, the concept, & i believe in it. i wrote more about it in my lessons learned, volume one. i'm still learning this one, but i find great satisfaction when i embrace the current season of my life & of others' than when i lament days long gone or become obsessed with the future yet to happen.

my current season is being in my 30s, being married with no children, working in a ministry i'm passionate about, snuggling my newborn niece, & loving on my teens while they're still close by. my baby rave will one day be able to walk & talk, & i want to enjoy that season when it comes without regretting any missed opportunities when she was still tiny. my teens grow up so fast & leave for college, & while i still love to talk to them regularly & see them when they come home on break, it's not quite the same. they're grown & gone. i want to treasure every minute i have with them & make sure i spend it pointing them to God. i want to be truly present in this season because it won't be here forever.

what season are you in?

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